Saturday, April 25, 2009

1993 Studio, Charlie Hough

#205 Charlie Hough

Here is the third and final Charlie Hough card that I got signed through the mail last December. He signed three cards for me- a Dodger card, a Ranger card, and this Marlins card. Just like Brian at 30-year Old Cardboard, I had to get a Marlins card signed. Charlie was the starting pitcher in the very first Marlins game.

I will always remember the first Marlins game. I missed most of it because I had school and I don't even know if Hough was still in the game when I got home. But, I was pretty excited because they were playing the Dodgers. The fans looked like they were having a great time and the most memorable part of the game was when they were doing their Darryl chant for Darryl Strawberry.

As for this card, I really liked this Studio set. It was a big step up from the previous sets. They got rid of the posed senior photo shots and used more candid photos. They used jerseys and hats for the background, which really brightened this set up. With no borders and only a foil autograph and logo on the front, this set came out looking really nice. I wish I had more than two of them signed.

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