Friday, June 6, 2014

1991 Donruss, Mike Gallego

#158 Mike Gallego

Here is the second card that Mike Gallego signed for me this past Spring Training. Mike is the third base coach for the A's and he stopped and signed three cards for me before a game at Camelback Ranch against the White Sox. The first card I posted can be seen here.

Mike spent eight of his thirteen Major League seasons with Oakland and that is always the team that I associate him with. He was pretty much an everyday player for them when they made their World Series run from 1988-90. But, for whatever reason, he was not any everyday player for them during the Series. He did start all four games during the 1990 Series. But, in the prior two, he got into just three games and started none of those.

In 1988, he played in all four ALCS games, starting in three, but hit just .083. That might explain why he didn't play much in the World Series. Then, in 1989, he played in four of the five ALCS games and started all four of them. He hit .273 that time around, but it netted him just one at-bat in the Fall Classic. He went on to hit .400 in the 1990 ALCS and that must have been good enough to get him some starts in the '90 Classic. Unfortunately, he would only hit .091 in those four games.

I guess what I am trying to say that I was a little surprised by Mike's lack of playing time in the Fall Classic. He went there three strait seasons and has just twelve at-bats to show for it. I was expecting to see some stats from eleven to twelve games of work. That was not the case.

On the college baseball front, there were four Super Regional games today. Texas beat Houston. Louisville beat Kennesaw State. Vanderbilt beat Stanford. And UC Irvine is beating Oklahoma State 8-1 in the eighth inning.

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