Sunday, February 16, 2014

1989 Columbus Clippers Police, Dave Eiland

#2 Dave Eiland

Here is the first of about a half dozen cards that I have got signed by the Royals pitching coach in 2012. 2012 was Dave's first year with the club and he was my go-to guy for an autograph when I was striking out with everyone else. Dave was always hanging out at the Royals bullpen when I needed him and he has yet to turn me down, though I have only asked him twice.

Speaking of getting turned down, I came home empty handed today from the Wichita State game. The reason I went to the game was to get Jason Isringhausen's autograph. Jason is the pitching coach for Southern Illinois-Edwardsville. However, he was nowhere to be seen today, so maybe he does not travel with the team. This year's 'graphing is starting out just like it did last year.

As for the game, it was interesting. We left after the fifth inning with the Shockers up 21-1. That was two hours ago and that game is probably still going on. SIE couldn't do much of anything with their pitching or hitting. Maybe Jason should have made the trip. They could have used him on the mound.

This card was put out by the Columbus Police Department and Cracker Jack. That is why it has the Cracker Jack border. When I first saw this card, though, I thought the border was dirt. Silly me.


Paul said...

I remember Dave Eiland as a Yankees pitcher. For a little while, he seemed like he had a shot to be really good.

Play at the Plate said...

Nice oddball card. Love the cracker jack background.