Thursday, September 19, 2013

1981 Donruss, Willie Norwood

#516 Willie Norwood

I had been on a bit of a spree this month with my posting, but that all came to an end last weekend. I had hoped to make up for that this weekend when I was supposed to have a five-day weekend. But, I had to fire someone at work and now it is only a two-day weekend, which is the first one of those in two months. And, those two days off are going to be spent at Kauffman Stadium where I get to see my Royals try to gain some ground against the Rangers. My dad and I have been going to the last Royals home game just about every year since 2000, so we are definitely looking forward to one that actually matters.

Anyways, here is the Willie Norwood card that I got signed through the mail in January after a week-long wait.

Willie played in the Majors for four seasons with the Twins. He was a career .242 hitter with 18 home runs. His best season was in 1978 when he got the bulk of his playing time (half of his career at-bats). That year, he had career highs in average (.255), home runs (8), doubles (22), and RBI (46).

Willie was traded to the Mariners in December of 1980. Unfortunately, he was released by Seattle during Spring Training and never appeared in a game for them. He went on to play a couple of years in Mexico, but never made it back up to the Majors.

Is that a Nike swoosh under Willie's last name?

'81 Donruss Tracker: 158/100

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