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1981 Donruss, Dane Iorg

#311 Dane Iorg

Here is the card of Dane Iorg that I got signed through the mail. I sent this card to him in January and I had it back eleven days later.

I tried to get this card signed in-person once. And by trying, I mean that I gave my dad the task of getting it signed. Dane was in Kansas City a few years back when the Royals were celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 1985 World Championship. To commemorate it, they held a softball game between some members of the '85 Royals and '85 Cardinals. I decided to 'graph the Cardinals side since they had guys there that I have never seen in person before. I assigned my dad to the Royals side and wished him luck.

At one point I looked over to his side and I saw Dane signing for everyone. My dad was right there in the mix and I assumed that he got this card signed. When we finally met back up, I asked him who he got and Dane's name never came up. I asked him about Dane and my dad's mood turned sour because he was unable to find this card when Dane was signing. It amazes me how pissed my dad can get when he misses out on guys signing since the autographs are all for me and he really should not even care. But, that is my dad.

Dane played in the Bigs for ten seasons with the Phillies, Cardinals, Royals, and Padres. He spent a majority of his time with St. Louis and was mainly used as a utility type player that played the corner infield and outfield positions. He was a career .276 hitter that racked up 11 home runs and 216 RBI in his career. He played in two World Series and hit .526 in 19 at-bats. Five of his ten World Series hits were for extra bases.

In Dane's final season in 1986, he got the chance to pitch in two games for the Padres. The first game came in June and Dane entered the game in the eighth when the Padres were down 14-1 against the Giants. Dave gave up four runs in the frame and allowed two dingers, one to the Giants pitcher, Mike LaCoss. He did get one strikeout, though.

The second game was two months later at the end of August and Dane fared much better. He lasted two innings against the Expos and did not surrender a run while allowing just one hit with a walk and a strikeout. He finished the season, and his career, with a 12.00 ERA over three innings pitched.

'81 Donruss Tracker: 134/100

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