Friday, June 28, 2013

1981 Donruss, John Wockenfuss

#242 John Wockenfuss

Here is one of the most unique TTM returns that I have ever received. I sent this lone card to John at the beginning of March asking him to help me out on my '81 Donruss project. I got it back twelve days later with some extra stuff. The extra stuff included two additional signed cards ('78 Topps and '85 Donruss) and a hand-written note.

 The unique part was the note as it wasn't the usual "thanks for writing" note that you sometimes get from older ballplayers. This note was more of the "hey, I am a bow hunter and I see that you are from Kansas and I hear there are some good-looking deer there; if you know of any place that I could hunt, please give me a call" variety. Yes, John Wockenfuss actually gave me his phone number just in case I might know of some prime deer hunting grounds in the state. How strange is that?

 I love how he added a couple of extra cards to help sweeten the deal. I checked his stats on SCN and, while John is a great TTM signer, there was only one other instance where he included any extra autographs.

For me, this was a very cool return, but a little bit awkward as well.  And, while I do not own any land, I am sure I could arrange for him to hunt on some friend's or family land.  I just don't know that there are any trophy deer out there that would be worth his while to make the trip from Maryland.

So, here is my question.  If you got this return in the mail, would you call John Wockenfuss?

I love the 1-B/CAT/0-F position on this card.  Only on '81 Donruss can you find positions listed out like that.

'81 Donruss Tracker:  127/100

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Anonymous said...

I played ball with John in HS and would like to share with him what I did over the many years after…
Thanks, Walt