Saturday, January 5, 2013

1974 Topps,. Larry Gura

#616 Larry Gura

This is a card that I unlocked in the original Topps Million Card Giveaway from a few years back. Around the time that I got this card, Larry started to sign through the mail for a small fee of two dollars per card. So, I sent him this card and his '81 Donruss card and they both got returned to sender. I thought that was strange as Larry was singing for other people during that time from the same address. I decided to try my luck again and I sent the cards off another time with "DONATION ENCLOSED" written on the envelope. But, it again came home return to sender.

After waiting a while, I finally noticed that Larry was signing from a P.O. Box address. I sent the cards to him a third time and I finally got them back signed. But, the return envelope got mangled by the USPS and both cards came back with multiple creases. If only my first or second attempt did not get returned to sender.

Larry pitched for the Cubs for the first four years of his career. He mainly pitched out of the pen and he was 3-7 with 2 saves and a 4.42 ERA. He was then traded to the Yankees and he pitched mostly as a starter for them for two seasons, going 12-9 with a 3.25 ERA. He was then traded to the Royals and that is when he career really started to take off.

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