Thursday, October 18, 2012

1959 Topps, Al Kaline

#463 Al Kaline

After the Topps Diamond Giveaway ended last year, I let my Sports Collectors subscription expire. The only reason I signed up for it in the first place was so I could see if the players whose cards I unlocked signed through the mail. I still have the free account on there and I will check the site periodically to see if anyone is having success TTM with a player whose autograph I would like.

That was how I found out that Al Kaline signs TTM. I kept seeing success from Kaline with a note saying he charges a ten dollar fee for cards. Eventually, I broke down and I picked up his '73 Topps card. I got it from checkoutmycards for fairly cheap and was then a little discouraged when I got it in and it wasn't in that good of shape. So, I waited until my next COMC purchase and I was happy to land this card for less than five bucks. It has some wear and a little pen scribble on the back, but it doesn't have a wrinkle in it like the '73 did.

So, I sent this card to Al with a ten dollar check and waited. About ten days later, I had a letter in the mailbox with a Detroit Metro postmark on it. I was excited as I opened it up only to find this card unsigned with my ten dollar check. There was not a note or anything, so I was a little confused.

I decided that maybe Al didn't take checks, so I sent this card back to him with a ten dollar bill. Seven days later, I had another envelope in my mailbox with the Detroit Metro postmark. This time, the card came back signed and I am completely satisfied with the results.

If you want Al Kaline's autograph through the mail, make sure you send cash only. Checks are not accepted and I do not blame him.


Dhoff said...

Great story. I keep hearing odd things about how to get his TTM auto. Good to know. BTW, his auto looks great on this card. Perfect choice.

Play at the Plate said...

That's an amazing addition to your collection. Congrats.