Monday, October 8, 2012

1956 Topps, Bill Renna

#82 Bill Renna

Just like the last card I posted, this autograph was acquired just so that I could have a signed card from the 1956 Topps set. So, I bought this card off of checkoutmycards and sent if off to Bill in the beginning of June. I had it back nine days later.

Bill played in the Majors for parts of six seasons with the Yankees, A's, and Red Sox. He got into 123 games with the A's in 1954 and had career-highs in runs, home runs, and RBI despite hitting just .232. Bill hit 28 home runs for his career. Of those 28 dingers, 12 of them were hit during a duobleheader.

This is another cool card from the fifties. It is too bad that the background picture is a posed shot rather than an action shot, but you take what you can get. I can't even tell where that photo was taken. The building in the background looks like it might be Yankee Stadium, but I could easily be way off.

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