Friday, March 26, 2010

2001 Royal Rookies Futures, Brett Jodie

#21 Brett Jodie

Here are a couple of cards that were given to me by Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. I was pretty impressed the first time he gave me the card because I had never seen a signed Royals Rookies card that wasn't inserted into a pack. I was even more impressed the second time he gave me the card for a couple of reasons. One is beacuse I had only recently heard of Royal Rookies and that is because I got a few packs of the 2000 set in a repack box. I didn't know that they came out with a 2001 set until I got the first card. The second thing that impressed me about the second card is that Paul had enough of these cards signed that he was able to give me two of them and still hold at least one in reserve. I count this set as an odd-ball set and Paul did a fine job of scrounging up these cards to get signed.

As for Brett's playing career, he made eight Major League appearances (three starts) in 2001. He made his debut with the Yankees and pitched 2 innings (this was one of his starts) and gave up 6 earned runs on three round-trippers. Jose Cruz, Jr. hit two of them and Raul Mondesi hit the third. Ten days later, the Yankees traded him to the Padres for Sterling Hitchcock. His seven other appearances all happened with San Diego and he pitched 23.1 innings with them and had a 4.63 ERA.

After that season, the Yankees picked him back up off of the waiver wire. He only pitched in eight minor league games with them, so he must have been hurt. He got released after the season and ended up in the Atlantic League for 2003 where he had a 12-5 record for the Somerset Patriots. He went to Spring Training in 2004 with the Red Sox and got released before the season started and ended up sitting out that year. He pitched one final season with Somerset in 2005 before retiring to become the team's pitching coach.

If anyone would like one of these cards, just let me know.

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