Friday, March 12, 2010

1994 Classic, Brooks Kieschnick

NN Brooks Kieschnick

Here is a card that I picked up from checkoutmycards for ninety-nine cents. Brooks was a Cubs first round pick that never really panned out. He played in a handful of games at the Major League level with the Cubs, Reds, and Rockies. Realizing that he wasn't getting anywhere as an outfielder, he reinvented himself as a pitcher.

Here is why I wanted his autograph. In 2003, I was watching a Brewers/Cubs game on WGN. Brooks was warming up in the bullpen. It then showed him sprinting into the dugout where he grabs a bat and helmet and then heads to the on deck circle. The batter made the third out of the inning and Brooks went back out to the bullpen to continue warming up. The Brewers pitcher made it though the inning alright, so Brooks went back to the dugout afterwards and then pinch hit for the pitcher and stayed in the game as the pitcher. I had never seen anything like it and that is the reason I wanted this card.

Brooks played for the Brewers for two seasons as a hitter/pitcher. In his first season, he posted a 5.26 ERA in 53 inning pitched while batting .300 with 7 home runs. In his second season, Brooks had a 3.77 ERA in 43 innings and hit .270 with 1 home run. I think every National league team could use a player like that.

For some reason, the Brewers released Brooks after only two seasons. The Astros picked him up for the 2005 season, but they kept him in the minors all year. That was his last season in baseball.

Brooks is playing for the Orlando Cubs on this card. I don't think Orlando has had a minor league team since 2003.

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