Monday, November 25, 2013

1983 Topps, Ed Ott

#131 Ed Ott

Here is the third and final card that Ed signed for me at a game in 2012. Ed was the pitching coach for the New Jersey Jackals and he signed the cards for me when the Jackals came to Wichita for interleague play. The first card can be seen here and the second one can be seen here.

The American Association and the Can-Am League had interleague games all season long the last two years as both leagues fielded an odd number of teams. For this next season, though, the American Association should have an even number of teams after losing El Paso to AAA ball. So, I am assuming that the two leagues will no longer play each other, barring the Am-Ass gaining or losing a team.

It is odd that Ed appeared on a card in the '83 Topps set. The last game he played for the Angels, and in the Majors, was in 1981.

Ed appears to be tied with Ed Hug for the shortest names in MLB history.

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Play at the Plate said...

That's a great card to get signed. And a catcher no less!