Saturday, October 5, 2013

1981 Donruss, Burt Hooton

#541 Burt Hooton

This is the Burt Hooton card that I was able to get signed through the mail. I sent this one to Burt last October and I got it back in eleven days.

I had tried to get this card signed by Burt at a couple of minor league games without any success. He is the Astros AAA pitching coach and I failed to get this card signed by him in Round Rock in 2008 and Oklahoma City in 2012. In both cities, he flat out ignored anyone that tried to ask him to sign. In Round Rock, which has one of the best setups for autographs, he actually jumped a couple of fences to avoid the area where the 'graphers were.

I guess he is just one of those guys who are strictly business at the ballpark. But at home, he is a willing signer through the mail. On SCN, he has a 92% rating with almost 300 successes coming from him. So, while he is tough to get at the park, he is not a hard autograph to acquire.

'81 Donruss Tracker: 163/100

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Orioles Magic said...

These kind of guys always confuse me. I mean I get that some people take their work very seriously, but if he signed at the park, he probably wouldn't have to sign as many TTM requests!