Friday, August 16, 2013

1981 Donruss, Bob Bailor

#389 Bob Bailor

Here is a card that I didn't get signed through the mail or in-person. I actually bought this card. I found this card at the card show at Royals Fanfest this past winter in a stack of autographed cards. Most of the autos were from guys that were good TTMers, like Virgil Trucks, Bobby Shanks, and Al Rosen, so I figured that this autograph was probably obtained that way.

This card set me back two bucks. But, since I did not have the card in my collection, I figured it would have taken me at least two dollars to buy the card, have it shipped, and then slap two stamps on it to have it signed through the mail. Actually, I probably came out ahead by buying it already signed.

Bob played in the Majors for parts of eleven seasons with the Orioles, Blue Jays, Mets, and Dodgers. He was a utility player that played every position except first and catcher. He even pitched in three games for the Jays in 1980.

He was an original Blue Jay and saw most of his playing time with that franchise. He hit a career high .310 with 5 home runs in their inaugural season and saw even more playing time the following year. That was the season where he had the most at-bats in his career and that corresponded with highs in RBI (52), runs (74), and doubles (29).

For his career, Bob was a .264 hitter with 9 home runs and a 7.72 ERA.

'81 Donruss Tracker: 142/100

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Orioles Magic said...

I've gone this route with some of the cheaper autographs that I've needed too. While TTM is a great way to add relatively cheap autographs to a collection, you're right that it's hard to beat $2.