Monday, June 11, 2012

College World Series Contest

The field is set for the College World Series next week and we have our first official scoring update. Here is how things stand through the Super Regionals. Again, if you think I might have screwed up your score, let me know.

Oriole Magic- 5 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA, Florida St, and a bonus point for pimping)
Anonymous aka Joey D- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida St)
Arpsmith- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, Arizona, pimped)
Greg Z- 4 (Florida, UCLA, Stoney Brook, Arizona)
Matt- 4 (Florida, UCLA, Florida St, pimped)
Dion- 4 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA, pimped)
Opoohwan- 3 (Arkansas, UCLA, Arizona)
Play at the Plate- 3 (South Carolina, Arizona, pimped)
Jamicfin- 3 (Florida, South Carolina, UCLA)
Mariner1- 2 (UCLA, Florida St)
Lost Collector- 2 (South Carolina, UCLA)
Nathan- 2 (South Carolina, UCLA)
Matt Perry- 2 (South Carolina, Arizona)
Superduperman- 2 (Florida, Arkansas)
Card Anathema- 2 (UCLA, Arizona)
Eric L- 1 (Arizona)
Kirk J- 1 (UCLA)

I will have the bracket up Tuesday evening. Make sure you check back then so you can enter the main phase of the contest. The CWS starts a day earlier this year, so there will be less time to get the bracket filled out.

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