Sunday, April 25, 2010

2002 Topps, Bobby Jones

#17 Bobby Jones

Here is the first of seven cards from the 2002 Topps set. Out of the seven, I got one of them signed myself. The rest were given to me by Paul and Rod. This one is obviously a Padrograph and is from Rod.

This is not the first Bobby Jones autograph. I got my first one TTM in the early 1990s. I posted it almost a year and a half ago and it can be seen here. The coolest thing about the two cards is the evolution of Bobby's autograph. The signature on this card and the signature on first card vary greatly.

The signature on this card basically looks like "BS". I'm not saying it is a fake autograph, I'm saying that his signature isn't much more than a "B" and an "S" (that is supposed to be a "J"). The signature on the older card looks like "Bay" and then you really can't make out a last name. But, the first letter of his last name looks very similar to what I call the "S" on this card. The "B" changed a bit over time, but his "J" that looks like a "S" is bascailly the same. It's always cool to see how a player's signature evolves over time.

Whenever I see a card from this set, I always think it is a gold card. Did Topps make gold cards for this set and, if they did, were they very noticable from the base cards?


Anonymous said...

I kinda like the intermediate version with a cross that I have.

Bobby Jones always impressed me for making a nice career out of average to slightly above average stuff.

zman40 said...

Yours is pretty cool. When was that signed?

Anonymous said...

I'm not positive, but I think I got it signed through the mail the year it came out.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I definitely agree that it's fun to see how a player's autograph changes over time. I wonder if anyone's autograph has ever gotten more legible over the years?