Thursday, March 15, 2012

1991 Line Drive AAA, Rick Adair/Jim Gabella

#100 Rick Adair and Jim Gabella

I originally posted this card about two and half years ago and that post can be seen here. The original post only contained Jim Gabella's signature, so I am re-posting the card now that I have been able to add Rick Adair's signature to the card.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the blogs when I noticed a post on The Great Orioles Autograph Project that included a signed Orioles postcard of Rick Adair. I didn't even realize that Rick was with the O's now and I left a comment asking Ryan what Rick's signing habits were. The O's are in Kansas City in May and I have tickets to one of the games. So, I was basically just trying to gauge what my chances of getting Rick's autograph at that game were going to be like.

Much to my surprise, Ryan emailed me the next day saying that he was heading down to Florida for Spring Training and that if I sent the card to him, he would try to get it signed for me. So, I did just that and Ryan obviously got it signed.

Thanks a lot, Ryan! I really do appreciate it.

This is definitely the oddest card that I have signed by two people. The photos are split up a little differently than usual. But, both coaches signed the card at the same angle as the line that divides them and it came out looking great.

This is actually the second card that is signed by two players that Ryan has helped me out on. A few years ago, he got the ball rolling on a 1987 Fleer John Stefero/Kevin Seitzer card. You're the best, Ryan!

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