Monday, August 1, 2011

1981 Donruss, Jerry Munphrey

#124 Jerry Mumphrey

Here is the first '81 Donruss card that I have posted since January. What that tells me is that I don't post enough any more.

Thanks to the Topps Million Card Giveaway, I finally got around to sending this card out to Jerry. I had had this card sitting on my desk for a bit. Then, after I unlocked the '78 Topps Mumphrey, this card continued to sit on my desk until I payed to have my Topps cards sent to me. In January, I finally mailed this card to him after it had sat around for about a year.

Lucky for me, I actually had this card to send to him. I unlocked this card around the same time that I unlocked the '78 Gary Lavelle, but I do not own Gary's '81 Donruss. I also thought at the time that I did not own an '81D of Chris Knapp, but it turns out I was wrong. I just need to collect a complete set of '81 Donruss and then I can avoid all of these stupid little problems.

This is one of the few "action" shots that appear in the set. Also, this is the first non-Topps card that I have posted since the beginning of June.

'81 Donruss Tracker: 83/100


Orioles Magic said...

I got an '81 Donruss signed for you recently but am waiting to send it out to make sure I don't get any more this year. I'm also keeping in mind the Zach "Zach" personalizations if I can get any.

Received the contest package yesterday. Thanks so much man, the added Britton cards were awesome too!
Thanks for the fun contest.

zman40 said...

That's great, Ryan! Thanks! I could use all of the help I can get right now.

I'm glad you enjoyed the package. I'm sorry that it took me so long to get it out to you.